Do Girls Like Shy Guys?... Learn Why it Really Doesn't Matter

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

This question cannot be answered with utmost certainty because each girl has different preferences. For instance, it’s going to be hard for some shy girls to interact with shy guys because neither will make the first move. However, some shy girls will feel comfortable with shy guys because they find outgoing guys too overwhelming.

It’s not surprising that outgoing girls will pick outgoing guys over shy guys because the former can match their energy level. However, some outgoing girls prefer shy guys to achieve balance in a relationship. So, do girls like shy guys? It all depends on the girl.

Do Girls Like Shy Guys: Is it Fly to be A Shy Guy?
As with any personality, there are perks and drawbacks to being a shy guy. One perk of being a shy guy is that girls always love surprises. Shy guys emanate a lot of mystery, making them very appealing to girls who like a good chase. Do girls like shy guys? Why not? Women love to go through the challenge of getting a bashful guy out of his shell because there could be an interesting or wild guy lurking behind that tame facade. As they always say, silent waters run deep.

However, women who like shy guys are outnumbered by women who prefer confident guys. You have to face the reality that even in the modern world; women are still old-fashioned at heart. Ladies love being wooed. In the chasing game, they want to be the one being chased because it flatters them. Do girls like shy guys? Be careful boys. Girls may interpret this as a sign of aloofness and disinterest.

10 Turnoff’s For Women To Avoid

Turning on women is the main requirment for men. To some this is an easy task but to others, it may take them a lifetime to attract their future partners. Sometimes, they all have the instruments, qualities, and devices to succeed in this endeavor but a number of men still fail. This is especailly relevant for men who are not confident with women…There will even be a time when these, men will ask, do girls like shy guys?

To learn how to properly turn a woman on, it is also important to know some of the turnoffs for women so you can avoid them. This way, you can do all the things that women like and expect from a man. Here are ten turnoffs for women that you must avoid at all costs…so you don’t end up asking do girls like shy guys?

• Women are not interested in men who say they will call and then they don’t. Do girls like shy guys? Some girls do and some girls don’t, but definitely, women do not like those who cannot keep their word. Women prefer men who are reliable and trustworthy. The rule is simple: if you can’t mean what you say, just don’t say it at all.

• Women are turned off by men who are too much interested in the woman’s past relationship, which commonly leads to obsessive jealousy. If this gets out of hand, you will then be driving her away. And then you ask, do girls like shy guys? Sometimes they do, but they definitely do not like those men who make a great deal out of a woman’s ex-boyfriend.

• Women do not appreciate men who assume that they know everything about women. If this is the case, there would be no need to be asking do girls like shy guys and the world would be a peaceful place to live in. Remember that one woman does not represent the entire population of women.

• Women do not appreciate those men who lack self-confidence or those who have low self-esteem. They want a positive guy who can turn things rights when everything just seems so wrong. They like those who can ask do girls like?skinny guys, but do not really care.

• Fifth, a man who talks a lot about himself is a no-no. If you happen to ask questions such as do girls like shy guys, a woman expects you to listen. Rather than dominating the stage, a man should be asking questions and he should be listening and learning from the woman’s replies.

• Sixth, women are turned off by men who prove themselves to be boring and predictable. Do Girls Like Shy Guys Maybe they do, but certainly they do not like those men who can’t wander away from the usual. Women love surprises, and they would love a little adventure every once in a while.

•Seventh, do girls like shy guys? Some do, but they definitely shy away from those men who carry so much angst against the whole world. Learn to manage your anger well…and you can get the girl.

•Eighth, one of the biggest turnoff for women is bad hygiene and this does not have to be discussed anymore. Do girls like shy guys? Some do and some don’t, but nobody wants smelly breath and body odor.

• Ninth, as much as women don’t want to be talking about their ex, they also don’t like hearing much about your ex. This gives her the feeling that you are not over your ex just yet. Do girls like shy guys? Maybe, but they definitely don’t like to hear so much about your ex.

•Tenth, women hate those men who flirt at any chance with anyone. Flirty men are no-no especially if they are flirting even with you around. Do girls like?nice guys? girls will definitely say yes?that?nice guys are better than flirting boys.

When women are asked out, they do? really expect a lot from men. Turnoffs are spelled out only when they see them in men. Hence, men are not just?supposed to impress them, but they need to avoid the turnoffs for women. Asking do girls like shy guys does not even matter if you don’t push the turnoff button. If you are wondering "do girls like shy guys" you should also consider the above questions first.